We build a transdisciplinary community of scholars who provide innovative solutions to challenges in urban environments.


U.S. cities are fertile ground for universities, such as our own VCU. We seek humanistic, scientific and entrepreneurial solutions to a range of challenging problems that disproportionately impact urban populations. In Richmond, these problems often are compounded by the confluence of concentrated poverty, discrimination, ecological disruption and transit injustice, education inequality, health inequities and structural racism.

Our ability to capitalize on existing assets – geography, people and resources – is fundamental to our success as a leader on issues related to economic, health and social equity in urban regions.


The concepts take shape.

These nine concepts make up iCubed’s cores.

Oral Health Core
Sustainable Food Access
Intersections in the Lives of LGBTQIA+ Communities
Urban Education and Family
Disrupting Criminalization in Education
Health and Wellness Across the lifespan
Racial Equity, Arts and Culture
Culture, race and health
Commonwealth Scholars Program
My Life, My Scholarship