Here you will find stories of scholarship, achievement, excellence and success. You will find stories of vulnerability and authenticity. You will read about the perseverance, collaboration, dedication and commitment our iCubed faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting scholars share in pursuing holistic solutions to societal issues.


SFA core member evaluates VCU student food insecurity

Youngmi Kim, Ph.D., associate professor in the VCU School of Social Work and iCubed Sustainable Food Access core member, recently conducted three studies on VCU student food insecurity with an internal grant from the School of Social Work.



iCubed leaders in partnership to confront loneliness

COVID-19 accelerated how the Richmond Health and Wellness Program is reimagining the way care is provided to vulnerable older adults through inclusion, inquiry and innovation.



Dina Garcia one of two nationwide to receive funding for curricula review

Garcia, an assistant professor in the School of Medicine, says findings will inform future diversity, equity and inclusion practices across medical schools.



School of Ed dean, Andrew Daire, to co-chair advisory committee on inclusive education practices

Daire, who is also the chair of the iCubed Urban Education and Health program, will assist in leading the committee charged with making recommendations on culturally relevant and inclusive education practices in Virginia’s public schools.



iCubed’s Commonwealth Scholars Program: Bridging the Gap Between Access and Opportunity

The VCU Institute for Inclusion, Inquiry and Innovation (iCubed) has identified this access-opportunity gap as an important priority and addresses it through its cornerstone initiative, the Commonwealth Scholars Program (CSP). CSP is a research mentorship program that matches college students who are considered to be of the highest need and highest talent, with exceptional research faculty who specialize in inclusive community-engaged research.



Moving beyond the ivory tower

A model for promoting collaborations between researchers and communities to foster lasting change



Objects tell stories

“When I hold a slave branding iron,” shares Rucker, “or when I hold shackles from the 1800s for a 3-4 year old slave, slavery becomes tangible; it’s real. When you were a slave, your children were not your own. They could be taken away from you and sold.”



Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth funds multi-year grant for work with Latinx adolescents

Their project will meet the significant language barrier within Richmond’s Latinx communities by providing access to culturally enhanced evidence-based tobacco prevention interventions (in Spanish).